Behaviour + Analytics = Predict People Performance

People Analytics - Simplified.

Our patent-pending predictive analytics helps you define selection decision criteria by determining what's critical to success for your given role and position.

Recruiting done right with...

Adaptive Behavioural Assessments

Psychd provides an in-depth customizable behavioural assessment that can be tailored as per your indsutry or JD.

Performance Algorithms

We perform algorithmic analytics and derives what leads to performance in your industry and sector.

People Analytics

Psychd performs people analytics for exisiting employees to give you insights into your employee needs and expecations

How does this work?

People Metrics that Matter

Metrics to identify your employee's pain points

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction helps us measure if employees have a reason for dis-engagement or their confidence in management.

Hierarchy of Needs

We track internal hierarchy of expectations for your workforce from social to cognitive needs which enables you to address your workforce needs better

Psychological Health

Employees overall well-being is critical to performance. We measure employee critical mental health metrics to help you understand key problem areas.

Employee Exhaustion

Employee burnout is a often a under-stated problem for many organizations. See real time data if you employees are experiencing exhaustion.

People Performance Simplified

  • Psychd helps you find candidates most likely to perform in your environment and field of work.

  • Psychd helps you identity key health metrics critical to employees optimum performance.

  • Companies use Psychd to hire the right people & help current employees find their best internal position.

  • Psychd also identifies and provides soft skills training when required.

Our Clients

“Psychd takes out the human judgement error from the hands of HR and allows algroithms to predict performance”
“Psychd is cloud based end to end automated solution. Just enter employee emails and Psychd does the rest.”

Wanna test your family and friends?

Psychd Social is a free personality based social network that allows you to profile your family and friends.

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